8.000 m² storage

80.000 accessibles references

80% of products made in Europe & USA

More than 36 years of expertise

About TDI

 8.000 m² storage,  80.000 accessibles references,  80 % of products made in Europe & USA,  More than 35 years of expertise


It is with the strong resolve to offer leading products in terms of quality hardware that TDI was established in 1980. Throughout the years industrial policy-makers have validated that choice without compromise. Because our sector leaves little room for improvisation, we invest in more professionalism, more security, more traceability, more transparency, more intransigence in the origin of our products as well as all informations regarding to those issues. Find the pieces that you need for your projects among 80000 references. Require high-quality products, 71% of which are of European origin, and all meet the applicable standards; integrated control at reception. Bringing technical advice and expertise to your projects, this is the know-how of our teams to support your progress. Respond efficiently to your needs for quality steel and stainless-steel fasteners for aggressive environments, and raise awareness of their importance.